Museum Salling’s Exhibition Venues Spøttrup Castle, Skive Museum, Fur Museum, and Glyngøre Kulturstation

At Museum Salling, you can immerse yourself in inspiring art, discover fossils dating back 55 million years, visit Denmark’s best-preserved medieval castle, have fun in the children’s section at Skive Museum or call in at the old station in Glyngøre. We look forward to welcoming you to great experineces and exciting events at our four exhibition venues.

Spøttrup Castle is the closest thing Denmark has to a real medieval castle. Surrounded by the enormous moat, it is beautifully located by Spøttrup Lake. The castle’s strong defences have kept the enemy at bay over the yars, and the castle has never been occupied.

The castle has a beautiful medicinal garden inspired by the medieval and Renaissance periods, including an amazing herb garden with more than 250 plants.

A large number of events are held at the castle during the year: guided tours, holiday activities, markets, live re-enactments and much more.

Skive Museum is a museum of art and cultural history. The museum has a fine collection of Danish art from the mid-1800s until the present day. Two special areas in the collection are the new realist art movement and expressive landscape painting.

The museum alternates between exhibitions featuring works from the museum’s own collection and special exhibitions. This could involve art exhibitions or cultural-historical exhibitions, or themed exhibitions interlinking topics.

A large number of events are held at the museum during the year: presentations, guided tours, holiday activities and much more.

Glyngøre is where the sea meets the land! At Glyngøre Kulturstation you can experience how the fjord has affected people in all respects, from ancient times until now. Shaping the landscape, affecting industry and the development of the entire area.

We also have a number of regular traditions at the cultural centre. Every year, we open a new exhibition in the afterglow of the bonfires lit to celebrate Midsummer, and in December you can experience “Mørkning” (The Gloaming), when every day a “secret” person appears to tell an enchanting story in the gloaming for children and adults.

A museum packed with experiences! Fur Museum lets you experience the past through a variety of exhibitions. In addition to world-class fossils, you can also discover the history of prehistoric super volcanoes, the island’s landscapes and substrate, and life on the island of Fur over many centuries.

On the south-west coast of Fur, you can experience the old harbour that has been engulfed by the sand. In a restored building where nets were once made, Fur Museum has created a satelite exhibition that presents the history of the port and the decommissioning of fishing in the Limfjord.

A wide range of events take place during the year: guided tours, presentations, holiday activities, fossil hunt, live re-enactments and much more.